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Installation of IonCube Loader on any variaty of Linux is very simple. Just get the copy from ioncube webpage itself, We will download the 64-bit version for our example. Then extract the file, copy the shared object file that matches your PHP version to an appropriate folder. To learn your PHP version you can […]

rsync is a very useful tool when it comes to backing up multiple files from remote or local targets. Below are a few nice examples you can use. To backup the whole contents of your /home directory to let’s say a usb disk, use the following. rsync -av /home /media/usb_disk Note that this will create […]

Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly. If you’re getting this error when starting phpMyAdmin, there are a few possibilities of what the problem may be. For starters, be sure that it is a server side problem. If this only […]

Even though it sounds like a simple problem, a lot of our customers have asked the question why they can’t get back ping responses from their MS Windows servers. The problem is simple, because on most flavors of MS Windows boxes, the firewall has disabled ICMP requests by default. To enable it, go to Start […]

This article is only applicable to H-Sphere control panel where old mysql passwords are stored as clear text. With the latest update, php 53 comes with mysqlnd module which doesn’t allow old_passwords to be used. In /etc/my.cnf comment old_passwords if any, Backup your MySQL database and restart mysql server and execute the following code: Create […]

Even though it’s easier to use yum, sometimes we need to compile PHP from source code. Below I’ll describe a method for compiling PHP 5.4.3 on CentOS, this works both on 5.x and 6.x and all the dependencies (except for PHP itself, of course ) will be retrieved via yum. After a fresh install of […]

rdesktop is the essential tool for Remote Desktop Management of Windows boxes using Linux as your local machine. It is sometimes crucial to be able to transfer files using rdesktop, especially when there isn’t any FTP service (or equivalent). Luckily rdesktop supports file transfer modes. Before connecting you the Windows box, let’s make a directory […]