Web Developer

25Nov 2012

In this post, i’m gonna explain how to connect to a LDAP server via using PHP. First i wanna talk about some definitions; LDAP means Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. As you can understand from it’s name, it is a database which uses directory-tree based structure. It’s used by OpenLDAP, Sun Directory Server, Microsoft Active Directory […]

19Jun 2012

Using short open tags, such as <? on your PHP code is not so clever. Other than the debate going on whether short open tags won’t be available on PHP6 or not, it is possible that your shared hosting has disabled it for some reason, or you might have to migrate your code sometime somewhere […]

17May 2012

Hi there, it’s me again. Today, i’m gonna talk about CSS3 border features. By using CSS3, you can; create rounded borders (it was really a big problem cause we had to use images or junk javascript libraries) box shadows (it was also a big problem) use image files as border without using a design program […]

18Jul 2011

You wanna create a web based application, you have ideas but you have no idea about where to start. That is exactly where you should start using a MVC Framework. So what is a MVC Framework ? MVC is a programming pattern that comes with 3 components. M -> Model V -> View C -> […]

05May 2011

I cannot get my flv files to load in Firefox but they work perfect in IE… My system is running apache. Finally, I found out that the problem was related with the Hotlink Protection implemented by some hosts through the .htaccess file and the fact that Flash does not send the referrer and Firefox does […]