You wanna create a web based application, you have ideas but you have no idea about where to start.

That is exactly where you should start using a MVC Framework.

So what is a MVC Framework ?

MVC is a programming pattern that comes with 3 components.

M -> Model

V -> View

C -> Controller

Let me explain briefly.

Model contains database related functions. So in your Model component, you can execute database queries, read, write or any type of process that you may want.

View contains design elements. In another way, User Interface of your application.

Controller contains all procedures. So in your Controller you can use algorithms, logical processes and all the other things you wanna do.


Why should I use a MVC Framework ?

Here are some benefits of using MVC Frameworks;

  • Faster programming
  • Faster execution (cause it’ll be object oriented)
  • Modular applications
  • Layered programming (you can do the model parts and a colleague can do the controller parts)
  • Ready to collaborated work structure
OK, I wanna use a MVC Framework, which one should I prefer ?
There are plenty of MVC Frameworks on the Internet. But I could suggest a few;
  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP (inspired by Ruby on Rails)
  • YII (for large-scale web applications)
  • PHPDevShell
  • Symfony
  • Akelos
  • Prado
  • and of course Zend Framework

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