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VeriTeknik at a Glance

International Managed Services Provider

  1. 2018: PCI-DSS Governance & Management System is announced
  2. 2016: VeriTeknik is expanding service area with the Amsterdam office
  3. 2015: Professional liability insurance covering FinTech customers
  4. 2014: Connection to SuperOnline + Türk Telekom backbones, 10 Gbits/s capacity

    Carrier Neutral Data Center with 10 Gbits/s Backbone

  5. 2014: VeriTeknik, the first PCI-DSS v3 approved Data Center in Ankara

    11-14 August 2014: PCI-DSS compability approved with the inspection of SC2LABS. Sites having more than 20k transactions per year required to work with a PCI-DSS compatible Data Center. 

  6. 2013: RackDC CDN: 172 PoP, 113 Cities, 43 Countries

    Our Managed Services customers never worry on latency, as an additive service we provide amazingly fast CDN services.

  7. 2012: First Data Center to offer IPv6 Services in Turkey

    VeriTeknik offered the first commercially available IPv6 Services in Turkey and probably one of the first Cloud Services available on the market with RackDC.

  8. 2011: The first DC to have 3x Turkish Standards

    TS 13080: Internet Service Provider
    TS 13242: Computer Networks and Peripherals
    TS 12498: Computers and Peripherals