21Aug 2013

This can get quite important when your mail server is blacklisted, or if you somehow want to simply change the outgoing IP address. First of all, check that you DO have another ip address on another interface at the server. Either by ifconfig or anything else. To change the outgoing IP on a postfix mail […]

16May 2013

If you struggled to cope with disk I/O on virtual host machines which runs on Centos or RHEL, there is a great system performance tuning tool named TUNED, comes with different profiles. for installing tuned; yum install tuned -y starting the service permanently; service tuned start chkconfig tuned on service ktune start chkconfig ktune on […]

18Jan 2013

Deleting email from the exim queue is unfortunately not that simple. If you have a massive spammer in your system, you can clear the email originating from them with the command below. exim -bpru | tr ‘\n’ + | sed -e “s/++/=/g” | tr -d + | tr = ‘\n’ | grep “” | awk […]

31Dec 2012

Last time I get into an embedded project I realised that I am getting tired of USART interface errors and I should definetely switch to a better organized tracing system. While sending debug data or any relevant data through network interface you can use an open source  syslog server available through google. I used Syslog […]

21Dec 2012

Opening an sql connection from your game isn’t really safe. So you should write, use a server software or find another solution like the one I wrote this article. Why you should use http protocol instead of server software doing this ? These software might have bugs and if you don’t know any low level […]

26Nov 2012

Sometimes when writing your bash scripts, you may need some information about the network, such as the IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6, broadcast addresses, netmasks and such. There are two very basic ways of getting the necessary information in Linux systems, you should either choose the ip addr show method, and parse what’s coming […]

25Nov 2012

In this post, i’m gonna explain how to connect to a LDAP server via using PHP. First i wanna talk about some definitions; LDAP means Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. As you can understand from it’s name, it is a database which uses directory-tree based structure. It’s used by OpenLDAP, Sun Directory Server, Microsoft Active Directory […]