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CloudLinux Resource Limit   Cloudlinux is a platform that has ability of managing resources and users in order to preserve other users resources on server.  You can simply manage your server resources by using these simple commands according to your needs.   To find user id [root@pcname~]# grep “—user—” /etc/passwd user:x:11333:503::/var/www/vhosts/ then use this […]

Before iOS revision 12.4 you were having access-lists and debug facility to get a clue about the packets passing through an interface. Now it is fairly easy to get packets and even export them as .pcap to analyse within a few easy steps. First thing to do is, create an access-list based on your requirements: […]

Most of the yum repos doesn’t include PHP5.4.X on current releases for the time being. So if you need PHP5.4.X, you need to compile and build it for your self. I decided to put all required packages to the compilation, so most probably you wouldn’t need additional packages, just a quick tip, if you need […]

The best thing about CentOS 7 is, it has a super easy firewall built-in. I recommend you not to disable the firewall. To check the active zones: [root@rh7 ~]# firewall-cmd –get-active-zones public interfaces: enp1s0f0 To get available service names: [root@rh7 ~]# firewall-cmd –get-services RH-Satellite-6 amanda-client bacula bacula-client dhcp dhcpv6 dhcpv6-client dns ftp high-availability http https imaps […]

Most of the yum repos doesn’t include PHP5.6.X on current releases for the time being. So if you need PHP5.6.X, you need to compile and build it for your self. Advise: First of all, you should consider removing php packages from your server before compiling php, but beaware your codes will be visible till you […]

If you are struggling with millions of SPAM messages like me, you should rather use “find” instead of “rm” while deleting files in a folder. This method is tested to be faster than rm -rf: switch to the folder containing files, in my case: cd /var/spool/exim/ ans start deleting files by typing: find . -maxdepth […]

I was trying to delete a client’s all bounce emails that was caused by sending spam and rm -rf didn’t help me at this point first of all try to look at the default value of argument list for your server: type getconf ARG_MAX 2621440 And you can sipmly increase this value by typing: ulimit […]

Suddenly you realized that external SIP phones stop working without any reason, you should be avare of Cisco routers get stuck sometimes. There is a trick to solve the issue with two commands, but first of all be sure that the sip is not registered through arterisk cli: Type on your asterisk: asterisk -rvvvvv and […]

Some customers ask for a GUI on their Ubuntu Server, usually with Unity installed for a connection via TeamViewer. Although I personally don’t appreciate such methods, these usually mean that the customer has no idea on handling a Linux Server. Well it’s their problem and we should deliver their needs. After installing a fresh Ubuntu […]