Are you looking something like converting your server from virtual server to physical server? This is a complete guide to achieve this.

First, we should find the storage on our hypervisor to create an actual clone of our drive and switch the power state off.

In my case, i need to find the disk id from our hypervisor on ‘OnApp’, than i can find the virtual disk with using the disk id.


To find disk, you should type something like that;


  • # lvscan | grep <#diskid>

Result: # /dev/onapp-xxxxxxxx/abcdef123456


Then change the attributes of disk;

  • # lvchange -ay /dev/onapp-xxxxxxxx/abcdef123456

(a: available)



Create a directory to save your file

  • # mkdir /tmp/backup


Create an .img or .raw file to create your actual copy of your disk.

  • # dd if=/dev/onapp-xxxxxxxx/abcdef123456 of=/tmp/backups/backup.raw bs=16M


Then get your file by using any method. For example: I’m using ‘SecureFX’.


Then format your physical drive and burn your image using ‘dd‘ command for Linux or ‘Win32DıskImage’ for Windows.

Step7: (For Windows)

Install your drive to your physical machine and power on.


You should probably get 0xc000000f error or something like that.

To achieve this problem;

Set AHCI Mode in BIOS and use UEFI to unlock your disk.


Use your installation DVD/CD and use these commands by using the command prompt and fix your boot problem. Also fix the mbr if needed.

1)chkdsk c: /R

2)bootrec /RebuildBcd

3)bootrec /fixmbr

4)bootrec /fixboot

5)bcdboot c:\Windows /s c:


Again turn back to the BIOS and set the boot mode from UEFI to BIOS.

Eject your DVD/CD


Voila! Enjoy your one to one copy of your vps .

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