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Even though major system scripting is usually done via bash (or other shell) scripting, it’s almost as common to see Python as a system administration scripting platform. Today, most major installers, daemons and package management software are written in Python. While using Python as a system scripting tool, it’s essential to keep using the standard […]

Here is a clumsy script to check on an FTP Service on a remote server if running or down. The script is written in Python and is a very draft one, but does the job. The main goal is to check whether we get any response from the FTP server while we try to connect […]

Here’s something very basic yet poorly documented. That’s why it looks like almost everybody’s trying to hack their way into this module, the yum module for Python. First of all don’t forget that this module is only available if you’re using a Red Hat branch of distribution (fedora, centos etc.) For other distributions, such as […]