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There is an easy method to find spammer php script in your home path. Directadmin logs these spammer scripts which are using phpmailer or similar things. To find this: Go to your home path cd /home Find your log files find ./ -type f -size +1k -name “php-mail.log” After this find operation, you can see […]

If you are struggling with millions of SPAM messages like me, you should rather use “find” instead of “rm” while deleting files in a folder. This method is tested to be faster than rm -rf: switch to the folder containing files, in my case: cd /var/spool/exim/ ans start deleting files by typing: find . -maxdepth […]

The other day I was working on a server and needed the LARGEST files on some directory – including its subdirectories. As it turns out, it’s a very simple task limiting the file size you want with the output of the find tool. The -size argument will define the borders of your output. Let’s say […]