If you prepared your server with the directives we mentioned on the previous article, it will be so much easy to install DireactAdmin software.

You must download the setup file from DirectAdmin site:

Download DirectAdmin setup file & run:

mkdir /root/DA
cd /root/DA
wget http://www.directadmin.com/setup.sh
sh setup.sh

Steps to follow:

DirectAdmin setup will ask you your account number & your license number, if you mistype accidentally just press CTRL+C to quit and restart setup. You need to wait ten seconds after restarting setup.

After that step the setup will ask you your domain name (hostname) bare in mind that wirte your hostname as subdomain + domain + tld as we offer the subdomain part should better be “mail”. Such that your domain name is myserver.com then write your hostname as “mail.myserver.com”, this way your mail server inside DirectAdmin should work better.

After that step, follow the directives, (we offer apache 2, php5 installation and “yes” to all questions) and finish the installation. Always consider selecting the second option,

You should better restart the server but restarting DirectAdmin is enough with the command:

service directadmin restart

After the installation you can enter to your admin site by typing http://SERVERIP:2222 to your favorite browser. Don’t panic if some of the services is not responding after setup, this is because you need to make some DNS configurations and you need to enter your master domain name to the control panel(cp).

DirectAdmin setup creates a log file called setup.txt where all your passwords for your server is present:

less /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/setup.txt

Go to Step three for making post installation tasks.

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