I have been looking a way to push e-mail since i got my iphone. Just found something for my test server and it works for me…

I have a webserver running cPanel, Dovecot and suPHP. ( centOS 5.4, WHM 11.25 )


1- You can download z-push from here.

2- Upload z-push to /usr/local/apache/htdocs

3- Change ownership to nobody because it fails if you leave it as root

4- If you are using suPHP, then Modify index.php

Comment out $requestheaders = apache_request_headers(); and replace it with

function getHeaders()
$headers = array();
foreach ($_SERVER as $k => $v)
if (substr($k, 0, 5) == “HTTP_”)
$k = str_replace(‘_’, ‘ ‘, substr($k, 5));
$k = str_replace(‘ ‘, ‘-‘, ucwords(strtolower($k)));
$headers[$k] = $v;
return $headers;
$requestheaders = getHeaders();

5- Modify config.php


6- Add the alias to httpd. conf as explained in the config file, but use /usr/local/apache/htdocs instead of /var/www

7- Restart Apache

8- Go to your iPhone and set up your e-mail account as a Microsoft Exchange account. (Be sure to sync “All messages” or else you’ll be deleting things twice.)

9- Thats All. You now have push email on your iPhone..

10- You may need to modify backend/diffbackend.php to make it delete properly.

Find the following code:

function ImportMessageMove($id, $newfolder) {
return true;

Change to:

function ImportMessageMove($id, $newfolder) {
//do nothing if it is in a dummy folder
if ($this->_folderid == SYNC_FOLDER_TYPE_DUMMY)
return true;

// See if there’s a conflict
$conflict = $this->isConflict(“move”, $this->_folderid, $id);

// Update client state
$change = array();
$change[“id”] = $id;
$change[“newfolder”] = $newfolder;
$this->updateState(“move”, $change);

P.S. I am not the author of these information. These were all found in the z-push forums.

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