Let’s say we want to add reverse DNS delegation for the IP block

The first step of the configuration is on the nameserver, BIND on our case.

Create the relevant reverse DNS file on /var/named/rev and then edit the file:

cd /var/named/rev
touch 123.234.12
vim 123.234.12

The file contents should be like the following:

@       IN      SOA     ns1.rackdc.com. postmaster.rackdc.com. (
                        2018112201   ; Serial, todays date + todays serial
                        8H      ; Refresh
                        2H      ; Retry
                        4W      ; Expire
                        1D)     ; Minimum TTL
                                ; Created on http://root0.net 2005-10-27
                 NS             ns1.rackdc.com.
                 NS		ns2.rackdc.com.
$ORIGIN 12.234.123.in-addr.arpa.

12		PTR		rackdc.com.

After configuring this file with correct details, edit the file /etc/named.conf to include the file you’ve just created.

vim /etc/named.conf

Add the following line in the file:

zone "12.234.123.in-addr.arpa" { notify yes; type master; file "/var/named/rev/123.234.12";allow-query { any; };};

Finally, restart the DNS service.

service named restart

It is important to complete this step before creating an object in RIPE.

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