• QuadReport


  • QuadProtect


  • e.guardo Smart Defender

    eguardo is the first smart protection application for DMZ or Internet facing computers. Protects from Brute Force, DDoS and Spoof Attacks.

  • Rescuever

    Rescuever is the brand for IaaS, which is a complete solution for Disaster Recovery operations. Rescuever is designed & programmed by VeriTeknik Engineers with the ability to extend the system with customer needs.

  • onLayer

    OnLayer is the control panel of VeriTech which uses Cisco Flexible Netflow technology to gather stats per IP, VLAN and Port. Uses comprehensive algorithms to alert Brute Force, DoS, DDoS and other unusual threats

  • RackDC

    VeriTech offers Cloud Services, CDN and anycast DNS services under the brand RackDC. Now serving hundreds of customers worldwide.

  • is the playground of VeriTeknik Technical staff, so we share our knowledge base in the areas related to Networking, Programming, Operating Systems and Control Panels.

  • ip6tools

    IP6tools is a free tool to test IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity of your web site as well as your browser.