e.guardo Smart Defender

Did you ever realise how hard it is to configure the Windows Firewall? Even if you have the best configuration, the primivite infrastructure of the firewall itself won’t allow you to analyze or block threats when they occur. eguardo is a security and instrusion detection software designed to secure several network services.

In general, eguardo watches the network services and their logs to generate system behaviour and immediately determines unusual network traffic. With the correct actions, eguardo will prevent the attacker to leak into your system.

eguardo is not only dependent to services and their logs, it analyzes many indicators of the underlying system to take the right defensive action.

Beside generating security rules dynamically, eguardo also uses a global black list. This black list consists of many blocked IP addresses gathered from eguardo installations worldwide. With the help of the black list, eguardo will protect your system before the attacker can detect your vulnerabilities.

eguardo analyzes your network traffic and decides who to block in a manner of time based on the rules defined. eguardo is not a firewall, it is a supporting tool for firewalls (for now, eguardo supports native Windows Firewall).

With the help of eguardo open API, you can compile your own modules to protect any kind of network enabled service by using libraries delivered with the installation. You can see the working examples including Microsoft .NET and PHP from our developer corner online.

e.guardo protects for

  1. Remote Desktop (RDP) threats
  2. Microsoft FTP Server threats
  3. Internet Information Service threats
  4. MSSQL Server threats
  5. SMTP threats
  6. Microsoft Exchange Oulook Web Access (OWA) threats
  7. Microsoft Sharepoint Portal threats
  8. Microsoft CRM threats
  9. Microsoft Lync Server threats
  10. Custom Application threats using eguardo developer API
  11. and any application using eguardo Free XML Black List API