About BarracudaWare

Launched in 2009 following the acquisition of Yosemite Technologies, BarracudaWare is the group of software solutions from Barracuda Networks. BarracudaWare offers the same unmatched performance, ease-of-use and value found with Barracuda Networks’ award-winning appliances. The BarracudaWare product portfolio features the popular Yosemite Server Backup for data backup and disaster recovery. Barracuda Networks markets and sells BarracudaWare through strong channel partnerships and OEM partners, including IBM, HP, and Dell.

Yosemite Server Backup

Yosemite Server Backup is a cross-platform software solution designed to protect the data on all of your Windows, Linux servers. Featuring agents for popular server applications, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Exchange, Yosemite Server Backup supports "hot backups" of critical applications without requiring separate exports. Disaster recovery options enable you to perform "bare metal restores."