Cryptosec Mail

Email signature and encryption server

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The current situation

Today we are immersed in a digital environment where the usability of electronic communications plays a key role. The need to secure the channels that carry communications through the TCP/IP network is also of utmost importance.
Email is, without a doubt, one of these communication channels. In a short span of time, it has become a critical service for companies, public institutions and individuals alike.

The security and authenticity of information are the two main areas targeted by hackers and other cyber criminals.

Faced with the need to maintain the availability of email and protect its content against third parties, users are demanding guarantees on the authenticity and non-alteration of their email content.
The failure to protect emails is one of the main security breaches used by hackers today to steal information. It is also one of the main risks of identity theft through techniques such as phishing.

The Solution

Cryptosec Mail is a digital signature and/or encryption system for emails, designed to reduce the risks posed by phishing and achieve total confidentiality of email content (coding/encryption).

  • Ability to be configured for any email system.
  • Based on the S/MIME Version 3 protocol and the RSA-PKCS security standard.
  • Conversion of the client’s outgoing MIME structure into S/MIME (Secure MIME).
  • Automated digital signature of SMTP mail with certificates stored in accredited HSM.
  • Automated mail encryption through the recipient’s public key obtained from Active Directory/LDAP.
  • Administration through Web Interface.
  • Total confidentiality for encrypted mail.
  • Active HSM Protection through sensors that detect intrusions or anomalies and automatically delete the keys.

The Cryptosec Mail solution incorporates a Cryptosec PCI HSM, which can be certified for either FIPS 140 Level 3 or for Common Criteria EAL 4+ (with ALC_FLR.1 augmentation).

  • Digital signatures and encryption operations on emails assembled in different formats (text, HTML and RTF), regardless of whether they have any files attached.
  • Remote Web Administration interface secured through digital certificate authentication.
  • Audit log structure which separates Administration Logs, Process Logs and Error Logs.
  • Fast and high-performance processing due to cryptographic acceleration.
  • Key generation and standard certification requests to the PKI chosen Cryptosec Mail can be integrated with ERPs like SAP, PeopleSoft…, by taking the automated output of confidential emails from ERPs and having them encrypted by Cryptosec Mail before they are finally sent.

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