Cryptosec Banking

Cryptosec Banking HSM

Network-attached cryptographic server for banking and payment cards

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Cryptosec Banking is a high-performance network-attached cryptographic server equipped with full functionality to ensure transaction security and key storage. It integrates all the standard commands and functions of the banking and security sectors, including EMV commands and functions.
The Cryptosec Banking solution is a extremely reliable HSM and is used extensively by numerous banks across the world. It complies with the latest EMV standards applicable to smart cards, contactless cards and mobile transactions, and is compatible with the main Payment Card software applications.
As an HSM designed for the financial sector, it offers full functionality based on standards without any future costs for the addition of new cryptographic functions or commands.
All these features combined with its superb performance and excellent cost-benefit ratio to maximise ROI have made Cryptosec Banking the leading HSM for the banking sector.

  • Leading HSM in performance: up to 15,000 PIN Block translations per second (with 200 concurrent requests) enabling more cost-effective deployments in high-volume transaction environments.
  • Easy-to-use proprietary application programming interface (API) which uses a high-level command language to achieve fast, simple integration with any banking application.
  • Replaceable battery to ensure no constraints during the product’s life cycle.
  • No additional costs for updates or the inclusion of new functions (e.g. migration to EMV).
  • Availability of new standard functions covered by the annual maintenance service contract.
  • Maximum Security as a Tamper-Responsive HSM (certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 3).

System and Software Interface

  • Complete integration of firmware and management software.
  • High-level command interface to simplify and speed up application integration.
  • Audit Functions.
  • EMV transaction authorisation: DAC and IDN calculation/validation, ARQC verification, ARPC generation, etc.
  • Security scripts: signature, encryption and PIN change.
  • PIN functions: PIN calculation and verification, PIN management, offset calculation and PIN translation.
  • Validation codes: code calculation and verification, CVC calculation and verification.
  • Message security: MAC calculation.
  • RSA key generation Signature and data verification with RSA public key (up to 4096 bits).
  • Hash Functions: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512.
  • Prepaid ePurse: ePurse certificate generation and transmission.
  • Printing of PINs in blind envelopes.
  • Encryption/decryption with asymmetric DES/TDES key.
  • Tamper responsiveness exceeding PCI HSM and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard requirements.
  • Random number generation according to FIPS 186-2.
  • Smart card reader, providing security for master key load and storage.
  • PIN and smart card verification functions for VISA/MasterCard/American Express.
  • EMV 3.X and 4.X transactions and messaging, including encryption command sequences and digital signatures: DAC and IDN, ARQC and ARPC and PIN change functions.
  • Integration with all main payment authorisation software and uses.

The Cryptosec Banking solution incorporates a Cryptosec PCI HSM certified for FIPS 140 Level 3.

The solution is also in the process of obtaining PCI DSS Compliance certification.

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